Business Master Class

Led by professional writers and editors Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, Mark Leslie Lefebvre, Allyson Longueira, and many others, this workshop will have many guest instructors on various topics critical to writers in this modern world.

Guest instructors will be announced.

We often have upwards of ten different professionals who are experts in one area of another helping teach this week.

This is a business workshop. No writing, but a notebook full of notes and a lot of training. In fact, every topic a writer can imagine needing to be covered will be in this week at one point or another by experts. From cash flow to increasing sales to SEO to website design to cover and interior book design to blurbs to publisher catalogs to distribution of paper books to stores to production to learning how to write more to audio to overseas sales to contracts to bundles to… So much more.

This workshop will have a focus on selling more books, indie publishing, the business of indie and hybrid, and everything that has changed and progressed since the last business master class.

There will be a focus on networking between all the writers attending. Lunches with experts, group breakfasts, time to talk, small group breakout sessions at times, and so on.

This will be over a year since the last Business Master Class and many, many things will have changed and improved. To answer the question clearly some of you have right here:

If you attended the last Business Master Class, YES this will be worth coming for because it will contain so much more and so much has changed.

Every business master class has been different and this will be yet again another different workshop focused on the new world of publishing.

This will be a real event workshop. Just the week of networking with 40-50 other professional writers is worth the costs.

Cost and Schedule


October 19th to the morning of October 24th, 2018. A bunch of instructors to be announced this summer. (Travel on Thursday the 18th and on Wednesday October 24th since the last session is done at noon. Special hotel rate when you pay in full. Hotel block is limited. We will send out codes shortly.) Price $750


We can put your name on a list for the workshop, no problem, just as we have always done. But payment guarantees you the spot. If you are signed up, but about to lose your spot to the workshop being full of paid writers, Dean will warn you ahead of time. All fees must be paid no later than one month ahead of the workshop.

To sign up and pay:
Pay through Paypal at and then write to Dean as to which workshop you want to be in. If you just want your name on the list, just write Dean.